Collection: Reflective Sunnies

 Sun Protective + Reflective  = Sunnies! 🌞🌛🌒

Protect your hands and legs from the sun, and light up the night in our new sustainable Sunnies - light weight fingerless gloves and shorts with SPF 50+

This 4-way stretch premium lycra also happens to be deadstock fabric. Deadstock fabrics are the left over fabrics from other fashion houses who overestimated their needs. Typically, brands would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to the landfills. We rescued this premuim deadstock fabric and turned it into this beautiful collection. 

P.S. Walkers and runners- having reflective material on moving parts (hands that are swinging, legs that are moving), is a sure fire way to grab drivers attention in low light!