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Vespertine Creative Director and Founder Sarah Canner
Vespertine Founder/Creative Director Sarah Canner, Photo by Sam Polcer

Creative Director/Founder Sarah Canner was living in Paris and working in film when she started “getting around” on her bike. Her new preferred mode of transportation made  realize how important it is to be visible on the road. She tried to find reflective safety wear that would enlighten her new city cycling lifestyle and still be chic enough for Parisian life. After a fruitless search, her vision of fashion as a functional necessity and safety wear as beautiful, stylish 'clothes you want to wear,’ as well as her desire to empower other cyclists on their daily adventures, inspired her to create the VESPERTINE Haute Réflecture collection. Passionate about cycling, design, safety, and the planet, Canner now works in Brooklyn and produces her unique and dazzling collection in NY.