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  • LOVE IT!*****

    I love my (Vespert Eco) vest! I ended up sizing up to a large for a bit more ease while riding over my usual medium size in most things. I definitely feel more seen as I ride along our busier roads, I don’t even notice the vest while I’m riding but I feel safer. "
    ***** Miriam K., CA

    Vespert Eco Reflective Hi Vis Ves 
  • Can't Wait for Winter!*****

    "This vest is the perfect combination of fashion and flash. It lets you walk or ride outside knowing you will be seen, but if you wear it inside it's pretty... and you are "seen" for it's lovely fuzzy texture and cute style. " -Sarah L., OR

    The Mohair Cardigan Zip Sweater Vest 
  • Loving my Visibility *****

    I LOVE my Vespert Eco Vest and now also wear it during the day over whatever I’m wearing, it’s become part of the biking outfit just like my helmet. I’m so glad to have found a small business to support, and one that is encouraging biking. A very, very happy customer!- Courtney A., CA

    Vespert Eco Reflective Hi Vis Ves 
  • Awesome Vest!! Bright and Lasts a Long Time *****

    After using mine for over 7 years, traveling to 10 countries and riding thousands of miles in it, I finally needed a new one! It fits great over my cycling jerseys and jacket and love the inside pocket for a stash of snacks! Highly recommended! - Hunter S., VA

    Vespert Eco Reflective Hi Vis Vest 
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  • "Saving Cyclists Lives with a Bit of Glamour."

  • "This Stylish High-Vis Vest Will Make You Want to Ride a Bike Every Day"

  • wall street journal

  • Bicycling Magazine

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Our Mission

We're on a mission to create earth-friendly, long-lasting, highly functional, stylish apparel and accessories that empower micro-mobility users, people who ride bikes and ebikes, walk, scoot and active transport users of all ilks (boaters, horseback riders, skateboarders, etc..!)

Being visible is crucial and increases confidence on the road. Our Haute Réflecture® collections-beautiful, sustainable, high visibility, reflective- are designed to enhance and inspire active, healthy lifestyles- so beneficial for our individual well-being, for our communites, and for the health of our planet.

We are woman-owned and produce our top-of-the-line, small batch collections ethically in Manhattan's storied garment district, combining sustainable (natural, recycled, and upcycled), and luxury fabrics with the brightest reflective materials, visible within 2000 feet of cars' headlights.

True function and true style. No compromises.

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