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Vesper Spotlight: Heather Glista

Vesper Spotlight: Heather Glista

Glista is the talented creator of the Vespertine X Heather Glista Collection, gorgeous, upcycled, one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces using the reflective merino wool remnants from our manufacturing process and other recycled textiles. We are so in love with her and her work- we had to find out more about her.
5 Winter Biking Hacks to Conquer the Cold!

5 Winter Biking Hacks to Conquer the Cold!

Has the fear of frost-bitten fingers and icy wind numbing your brain been compelling you to take the bus?

Call me crazy, I love winter biking. There's nothing more invigorating than conquering the cold on two-wheels.

If you're itching to get back in the saddle, or if you're already a winter rider and want to enjoy it even more, discover my personal hacks below and please share yours as well!

"The Power of the Yellow Vest"

"The Power of the Yellow Vest"

The traditional neon yellow safety vest has taken on a whole new sartorial meaning in France, with the Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) movement tak...




I've been wearing my new day-glo Vespert vest and love it!! I wear it only for biking, which I do pretty much every day of the year. I wanted something that could be seen during the day, not just at night, so I like the bright yellow. I also wanted something to wear over my street clothes b/c I don't like the bright yellow and green bicycle jackets - they're too sporty for my daily wear and they don't breathe like my street clothes do. I was afraid the vest wouldn't fit over my jackets - but it does! In San Francisco, we are always wearing layers, year-round. I've been getting compliments on it!

- Jean, daily bike rider in San Francisco

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"Sarah, a quick note thanking you for your collaboration products with Brompton. The quality is top notch - love the beanie!! Thank you for making these wonderful products that are not only functional but also increases rider safety. We need more designers who realize that not everyone rides wearing spandex - here here for the casual rider!"

-Leo Happy Brompton H6R ("Black Betty") rider in Orange County, CA

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"I absolutely love my Vespertine Cinnabar Riding Shell! I wear it everywhere and for everything!"

- Dr. Marc, bike commuter in Washington, D.C. metro area

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