Reflective Mohair Crossbody Bag rainbow stripes

Vespertine NYC X Logan bLagg

Hey everyone, 

I’m really excited to introduce you to our new reflective eco-fashion collaboration with the amazing Sustainable Designer, Logan bLAgg

We've completely fallen for these super cute MOhair Crossbody Bags with a 3M Scotchlite™ Strap that doubles as a Reflective Safety Sash at night.

reflective sash / crossbody bag woman's purse mohair

The Vespertine NYC X Logan bLagg Micro Collection also features luxe, fully lined Reflective MOhair Fingerless Gloves and our first ever No Bike Required, Bike Shorts. These shorts are so comfy you'll probably want to lounge around in them all day. They are made of ultra soft and stretchy lycra that's breathable, 4-way stretch, UV protective, etc... and they have.. wait for it... Rainbow Sparkle Reflective Trim!!!

(Yes, this a thing. It's a thing that is also on the MO Bags zipper puller and it is a thing that you must have.) 

bLagg produces each unique piece in her Brooklyn Studio with up cycled cuttings and dead stock materials from our collections, from other local designers, and from @fab_scrap . These pieces were made in very limited quantities so please  snag yours before they're gone.... !

Here's the back story. I had the goal of moving towards zero waste production in mind as I was developing the MOhair Vests and realized that the cuttings would make beautiful Mohair bags, and…?

The cuttings are the extra fabric that is left over when you cut out the pieces of a garment from the width of the fabric. Typically, they are thrown away. Zero Waste production means you use all of the fabric. So I saved the cuttings. But producing goods out of these beautiful, but irregularly shaped cut pieces of Mohair was not simple. 

Enter, Logan bLagg, who works with up cycled and reclaimed materials. Logan helped me realize and expand on this vision, transforming the cuttings into one-of-a-kind treasures, and giving some of her signature styles, like the bike shorts, a reflective make-over. I hope you’ll be as excited about these unique, sustainable Haute Réflecture® designs as I am!


Sarah & Vespertine

P.S. These make killer gifts 💝 for Valentine's Day!

Mohair fingerless gloves with reflective details upcycled rainbow striped Mohair sustainable fashion

high tech lycra Bike shorts with rainbow sparkle reflective trim and neon orange waist band


rainbow sparkle reflective


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