VESPER SPOTLIGHT, November 16, 2015

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At work, biking, or walking the dog, Monica lights up the Riding Dress, Black Flash.

We are grateful to share this uplifting Vesper Spotlight on the cycling lifestyle in the mother of bike capitals, Copenhagen, Denmark. Thank you, Monica, ride safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

Vesper Name: Monica Lehmann
Occupation: HR Development Consultant

Location: Copenhagen; Denmark

What pair of wheels do you cruise in? 
I have a green “Rosted”  single speed bike.  Since the winters here in Copenhagen can be pretty tough on the bike,  it needs to be easy to maintain, because I ride my bike to work everyday.

Why do you bike?
I remember on one of my first trips to the United States, watching a commercial for a car going something like this; ” it is not just a car it is freedom!” I have the same feeling when riding my bike around Copenhagen. What makes it even better is that Copenhagen is a paradise for bike riders, because there are bikelanes all over the city! So when traffic gets jammed up in the afternoon – I can still easily get around the city and go where ever I want. And nothing really beats the feeling of freedom and joy riding my bike around the old part of Copenhagen on a warm summer night!!!


The original Cycle Chic, nothing beats biking through Copenhagen on a summer night!

Which Vespertine item keeps you shining? 

I have the Vespertine Riding dress, Black flash which I wear even at work sometimes with heels or when walking my dog in the evening with sneakers.

There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking moments? Bike stories/jokes?
For as long as I can remember the whole Family on my fathers side has gotten together once a year to go biking together. We are normally between 30-40 people in the age group 95 to 8 years old. We all meet for breakfast and go on a 20 km bike trip afterwards. Afterwards we light up the barbecue and eat together- Its always such great fun!!!! 

Riding Dress, Black Flash

White nights in Copenhagen!

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