Name: Sara Durkacs (rhymes with circus)

Occupation:  Non-Profit Administration

Location: Brooklyn, NY


What pair of wheels do you cruise in? A Midnight Blue Jamis Commuter 1, 7 Speed (with a slick back rack) named “Silver,” a nod to my favorite hair color!


Why do you bike? I bike to save time. Biking to any destination provides a unique perspective on our city’s built environment. New York City’s vast collection of 19th-century architecture is literally on view to everyone 24/7--and it’s free of charge! I love documenting our city’s amazing collection on Instagram @durkacs and tumblr



Which Vespertine items keeps you shining? The Reflective Riding Dress in Black Flash is my favorite of the Vespertine collection. It is a classic “Secretary” shirtdress by day and after work, a smart outfit for any occasion. The Vespert in Eco Lime is my go-to accessory. The economy of its design provides reflective coverage in all the right places. It’s functional, stylish, and compact. Plus, I never worry about NOT being seen by oncoming traffic as I tool around the streets of Brooklyn. Vespertine is a great reflection on me.



Do you have tips for biking in …? There are so many more bike lanes in Brooklyn and beyond since I moved here from Pittsburgh in 1999. Best tip I can recommend is no matter where you bike, Safety First. Follow the traffic rules.


There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking (or reflective fashion) moments? Bike (or reflective fashion) stories/jokes? People are always surprised that my stylish Vespertine garment is for safety. I wear the beautiful dress or chic shirt even when I don’t ride. Being well dressed never goes out of style.


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Very stylish!

Andrew Murin

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