Vesper Spotlight

Vesper Spotlight


Marc contacted us thanks to Rudy the hungry parrot. Parrot's like things that are shiny...!

Name: Marc Cottrell

Occupation: Clinical Psychologist
Location: Washington DC

What pair of wheels do you cruise in?

I ride a Brompton! I named it Vyvyan Basterd (The Young Ones fans know what I’m talking about). Best bike I have ever owned. Little wheels make it more maneuverable and zippy. That it folds makes it easy to commute; I ride the DC metro train into the district, and folding the bike makes getting to work faster and more fun.

Brompton Bicycle

I modded the bike a little bit. I replaced the unfortunate plastic wheels that come on the bike with soft skateboard wheels; it makes it easier to roll the bike around train stations and rough surfaces. I added a hornless seat so running over potholes and rough pavement doesn’t leave me getting blasted in the Netherlands.

Skate Board wheels

Why do you bike?

Biking is healthy! Biking is fun! Biking is a great way to watch the sunrise and get ready for the day! And I ride DC’s metro which has an unfortunate habit of breaking down and catching fire.

This is what a track fire looks like.

Track Fire

Biking allows me to hop from station to station to avoid bottlenecks and breakdowns. When things are really bad I simply ride out of the district and find a way home.

Which Vespertine item keeps you shining? 

OhmygodIlovemyjacket!!1! I wear my Vespertine Cinnabar Flash Jacket EVERYWHERE! Here is my daughter at the Hero’s Square in Budapest.

HH Jacket

This is her wearing the jacket. This is her being visible in the jacket. See how it reflects? Awesome!

Reflective Jackets

Here is the jacket and I in the old town square of Prague in front of the Astrological clock, not reflecting...

...and reflecting!

Reflective Jacket

Do you have tips for biking in …?

Riding in cities: Be visible! Establish your presence! Watch out for pedestrians! Watch out for car doors! We don’t need any more ghost bikes. Never heard of Ghost Bikes? Go here:

And here:

Here is a ghost bike I helped make and install in Chicago:

As far as riding bikes in the country: After watching Deliverance and Twin Peaks I have no plans to bike in the country. Hell, I don’t even want to drive through the country. We all knows what happens when the city slicker’s car breaks down out in the middle of nowhere… buggery. Buggery is what happens.

There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking (or reflective fashion) moments? Bike (or reflective fashion) stories/jokes?

Rudy my parrot ate the cuff buttons off my Vespertine jacket. It’s my fault; I left the jacket lying around where he could get his beak on it. He has chewed a hole in the bathroom door, the gasket off the dishwasher, the corners off the kitchen cabinets, the computer charging cord, and chewed holes in couch but to name a few things he’s wrecked up. It’s little wonder he ate the buttons off my jacket (sigh).

(Editor's note: we sent Marc new reflective buttons for his jacket.)

This is Rudy.


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What a delightful read! Marc, you’re so awesome!

Alison Kutchma

Omg, make me spit out my soda!!! Full disclosure—I get to spend my life with this crazy family. And Rudy chases me around and bites the crap out of me!

Becky smerdon

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