VESPER SPOTLIGHT, August 30, 2013

Vespertine - Coady 1

Vesper:  Margaret Coady

Occupation:  Nonprofit Executive Director

Location:  Lower Manhattan

What pair of wheels do you cruise in? 

Of the four bikes crowding my small balcony, my Surly Cross Check is my far-and-away favorite.

Why do you bike?

Not everyone is a Vesper, you know, some people are sadly Vespas.   It started three summers ago, when on weekends my friends and I would lash beach gear to our rusty K-Mart bikes and head out to Fort Tilden.  Realizing how far and fast I could go on a bike caught me by surprise.  Intrigued, I joined the local bike clubs, upgraded bikes, and now find it the most fun way to explore this city and really all places when I’m traveling.  I love the history, the environmental upside, the breeze, and the view.  

What Vespertine item keeps you shining?

VESP Eco Flame, standing by in my purse.

There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking moments? Bike jokes?  

I bought my first proper (expensive) carbon road bike two years ago.  I joke that it’s the best money I ever spent because on it three weeks later I met the guy I just married.  One of the many ways that getting out on a bike changed everything.

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