VESPER SPOTLIGHT August 16, 2013



Vesper: Maria Dasovich

Occupation: Associate Scientist in Research 

Location: Seattle 

What pair of wheels do you cruise in?

My Kona Dr. Dew. It’s my first road bike, and first bike with disc brakes. It’s SO great for the hills and the usually rainy streets in Seattle.

Why do you bike?

Not everyone is a Vesper, you know, some people are sadly Vespas.  I started biking 23 years ago to get to work, which was so much faster and reliable than taking the bus, and I never stopped. I love everything about it, especially experiencing the environment in a way you don’t get from inside a vehicle.

What Vespertine item keeps you shining?

My citron VESPERT. I love it and I’ve gotten so many compliments on it. The sparkles are a nice touch, and I love that it’s so light-weight and bright for both day and night riding. I have my eye on the OYSTER TRENCH and the LAUREL BRACELET for the near future. It’s so great that Vespertine provides options for stylish, high-visibility clothes that are designed for biking. There was nothing like that available when I started biking!

There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking moments? bike jokes?

 No awkward moments that I can think of, but last week I passed a girl wearing an ISOAR WINGS vest and we looked at each other, and said, “Vespertine!!”. We had a nice but brief conversation about Vespertine and bike style while we waited at a red light.  

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