Vesper Spotlight: Laurie Foster

More people are turning to cycling and walking as a way to get around and/or exercise, for environmental and health reasons, and now especially to maintain social distance and avoid crowded public transportation. Being (stylishly ;) visible on the road is so important and a huge confidence boost, especially for people newer to transportation cycling. 

Read about Vesper Laurie and her 80 pound tandem, and get inspired to get things done by bike!

Name: Laurie Foster

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Mostly retired, advocate against toxic waste and chemical exposure

Tell us about this picture of your ride, it's amazing!
My husband and I are headed to the grocery store on our 80 pound tandem. My husband took it. 
You've done fascinating advocacy work, what were you working on?  
I lead a King County wide nail salon project to help nail technicians reduce their chemical exposures. We focused on encouraging them to use safer chemicals and better ventilation to improve their long-term health outcomes. 
I collaborated with nail salon projects in New York, California and Boston. 
1.5 years ago I retired. I currently ride my bike, XC Ski, hike and travel frequently as well as volunteer with a national organization dedicated to reducing toxic waste and chemical exposures by encouraging the development and use of safer chemicals.

What Vespertine items keeps you glowing? 

I love my stylish Vesperine suit jacket that keeps me safe in traffic with its high visibility orange for day riding and reflective accents for night riding. 

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