VESPERS Lynette and Pamela in Vespertine Trench + belt, leaf bracelet & blossom pin with Lynette's adorable Traffic Cone Bag!

VESPERS Lynette and Pamela in Vespertine Trench + belt, leaf bracelet & blossom pin with Lynette’s adorable Traffic Cone Bag!

Some of our friends have described us as Maximalists. And we have to admit that in many things, especially concerning bikers, Reflective Fashion and Vespers, more is simply better. That’s why we decided to feature two Vespers for our very first VESPER SPOTLIGHT.
Look for it every other Friday and email us if you’d like to get some love-light, too.

Lynette discovered us at the Bike New York Expo and texted her friend Pamela. These talented ladies both ended up both buying the Trench, and then some…!

VESPER: Lynette Chiang aka
Occupation: Writer and Designer of the Traffic Cone Bag
Location: Somewhere in a bike lane in New York!
What pair of wheels do you cruise in?: Bike Friday, and only Bike Friday
Why do you bike? Excluding the fact that you are sophisticated and stylish.
The moment you push off with your favorite leg and turn those handlebars in your mini-cockpit, it’s visceral, isn’t it?  
Biking or Baseball?
I discovered it [biking] does 4 out of 4:  it’s social, it’s exercise, and it’s fun and it’s useful i.e. can get you from Alaska to Botswana.  Most sports aren’t useful – they just do the first 3.  
What Vespertine items make you shine?
My Oyster Trench and the flowers for my hair!
Any biking stories? Lets begin: It was the Vesp of times…
Overheard one evening somewhere behind me in the bike lane:
 Man: We’re f***** invisible to these cars.
Upon which he bikes past me, dressed totally in black, black t-shirt, black jeans, black backpack, no lights, no helmet. 
Me: You’re absolutely right. You ARE f****** invisible!
The End
VESPER: Pamela Talese
Occupation: Painter
Location: Manhattan/Brooklyn
What pair of wheels do you cruise in?:: Daily bike: Yellow Brompton; Work Bike: Red Bike Friday. These are both folding bikes
How long have you been riding?: 15 years or more
Why do you bike?
It’s fun, it’s efficient, it’s environmentally low impact, it keeps me close to the city I love it because I move through the neighborhoods of all of the boroughs with ease.
 Name one Vespertine item that simply gleams in your eyes?
 I simply ADORE my trench and wear it as often as possible. I wore the Road Hog Vest (Oyster) last night, even with the humidity. The Go-Go Dirndle might have been cooler! I also wear my two Vespertine belt and leaf bracelet often, but if you want only one item, it’s the trench. 
 Anything else you want to get off your Vesp…I mean chest?
I love VESPERTINE. I was so excited when I first saw the website because this is the kind of company we need now. Vespertine wares are stylish and sustainable. I love the look and was thrilled when I learned they were made in New York and that the vision included a cradle-to-cradle, closed-loop system and the initiative to ‘pay forward’ to the future by giving 1% profits to World Bicycle Relief.  The Italian side of my family is predominantly tailors, so I appreciate not only the craft but the cost of making such a fine product.  What makes Verspertine equally compelling is that the vision is integrated enough to include so many inter-dependent beliefs. There are not many companies that do this (Body Shop used to but this has changed since L’Oreal purchased it 5 years ago) so I am encouraged when I see new creations together with progressive commercial frameworks started by young designers and creators like Sarah Canner.
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