We are shining the headlights on you and we know vespers will always glow. VESPER SPOTLIGHT showcases a vesper who is a passionate bike rider and Vespertine customer. Look for it every other Friday and email us at if you’d like to get some love-light, too.

Name: Aleksandra Sas

Occupation: Translation and Interpretation, Director 

Your location: New York City

What pair of wheels do you cruise in? :
I either bike on my super light white Motobecane road bike or I hop on a Citi Bike. I love both! 

Why do you bike? Not everyone is a vesper, you know, some people are sadly vespas:  
I bike because I find it childishly thrilling and somehow the moment you hop on a bike in the morning, it feels like it’s going to be a wonderful carefree summer day. 

What Vespertine item keeps you shining?:
I own the gogo vest – which I love, but my new object of desire is the Copper Vesp for my night biking. 

There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking moments? bike jokes?:
OK, not my finest moment is when I arrive at a citi bike station and there is just one. tiny. docking spot. left! and the guy in front of me takes it! then I feel bike rage may be a real emotion!

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