Kasia Dolce in her Vespertine Trench


Kasia Nikhamina

I’m a writer and the co-owner of Redbeard Bikes at 69 Jay Street in DUMBO.

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The photo was taken on Ocean Parkway & Foster Avenue in Kensington, Brooklyn, near the beginning of my commute, in late December.
What pair of wheels do you cruise in?
I usually commute on my red Specialized Dolce (pictured); I’ve got a Tubus Airy rack that takes all the weight off my back. I do my fast rides in the Park on my Lynskey, a titanium road bike. Ilya and I each have a Brompton, which I use for errands, leisurely rides, and when I’m traveling.
 Why do you bike? Not everyone is a vesper, you know, some people are sadly vespas. 
When I ride, I feel like an early aviator. I relish the breeze, the freedom, the adventure. And I dislike strangers’ hair in my face, in the train.
What Vespertine item keeps you shining?
The trench! I tried it on at the Bike NY Expo last year and was instantly smitten. It’s perfect for a 40-degree day, with a dress and Icebreaker wool leggings. And it even matches my Giro Atmos helmet.
There has to be more you want to tell us! Any awkward biking moments? bike jokes?
Yes! I am writing a play called “Wide Receivers,” about Edna, a woman who glows and can hold all the car doors closed, among other things. Edna also falls in love with the local weatherman — it’s complicated. We’re doing a staged reading of it at Redbeard Bikes sometime this spring — we’ll post details on Facebook so “like” us there!
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