Linda Rodin of @lindaandwinks with her dog winks wearing a gorgeous mohair reflective vest

Style Icon Linda Rodin, and her dashing dog Winks of @lindaandwinks

Linda Rodin style icon of @lindaandwinks with her dog winks in Manhattan NYC wearing stylish reflective mohair vest by Vespertine NYC

We had the most inspiring stroll through Chelsea last week with style icon Linda Rodin and her canine bestie, Winks. Linda wore our Silver Mohair Vest with Reflective Trim cinched by our Reflective Gossamer Belt, the perfect ensemble for being seen and stylish during their daytime and evening walks. The Mohair Vest looked impeccable on Linda. I couldn't help noticing how well it complemented her beautiful silver hair, and the dashing silver Winks, too. 

Lo and behold, just yesterday, as I was preparing to share some pics of the most stylish dog and owner duo in the city, The New Yorker Magazine came out with the winners of an IG post about owners and dogs who resemble one another and guess who was the first featured pair of twins... Linda and Winks, of course! Congratulations @lindaandwinks ! 

Linda Rodin and her dog Winks of @lindaandwinks twinning in the New Yorker Magazine illustration about stylish dog owner duos dogs that look like their owners

This New Yorker Magazine Illustration by Jeremy Nguyen @jeremywins

Linda has had an incredible career as a model, stylist and beauty entrepreneur. Always with her finger on the pulse, Linda started the first clothing store in SOHO in the 70's, and along with her duo Winks, @lindaandwinks are Instagram celebrities.

Linda Rodin and dog Winks Twinning or @lindaandwinks photo by @nottaylersmith

photo by Tayler Smith @nottaylersmith

Never content to rest on her laurels, Linda gave me the inside scoop about several other exciting new venture in the works. (Sorry, mums the word for now...)

Needless to say, it was incredibly inspiring to take a stroll with Linda and Winks and we look forward to seeing them again soon- maybe next time in the bike lane...!

 Linda Rodin of @lindaandwinks on a citibike @citibike wearing a gorgeous mohair reflective vest

Check out the fun New Yorker piece here
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