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Introducing the Limited Edition, MO Collection, mohair vests and scarves with reflective trim, the most luxurious Haute Réflecture Collection, yet! It's all about the Mohair, of course, and the reflective trim that gives a supple structure to the lush Mohair.

The soft, luscious quality and vivid colors of this British Mohair are lust-worthy. 

Mohair is the long, silky hair of the Angora goat and is one of the most versatile beautiful textile fibres in the world. Its characteristics are similar to wool, except that it does not have the scales that can irritate the skin. Mohair has several unique properties that are not found in any other animal fibre:

  • Lustre  –  one of mohair’s most important qualities is its ability to take dye and to display brilliant colors that resist fading by time or hard wear. It makes it perfect for out Haute Réflecture safety fashion!
  • Insulating capacity  –  mohair fibres do not conduct heat; like wool, mohair provides good insulation, even when wet. It's a natural tech fabric.
  • Moisture transfer  –  mohair easily absorbs and releases moisture, moving perspiration away from the skin; it is comfortable to wear in cold and hot weather.
  • Durability  –  mohair can be twisted and bent without damage to the fibre; it is the most durable animal fibre.
  • Comfort  –  the smooth fibres of mohair do not irritate the skin, even for people who are sensitive to wool.
  • Strength  –  mohair is stronger than steel of the same diameter.
  • Shrink resistance  –  because its smooth fibres do not felt, mohair fabrics shrink much less than wool.
  • Elasticity  –  mohair is very elastic; it can be stretched up to 30%, and will spring back to shape; mohair garments resist wrinkling, stretching, or sagging.
  • Lightweight  –  mohair’s smooth fibres can be made into fabrics that have a cooling effect; it is ideal for summer garments.
  • Non-flammability  –  mohair will not burn unless it is exposed to a direct flame.

The pieces have a presence. Made in NYC, designed to be adored and treasured. The brilliant colors exude joy, abundance, well-being. They are wearable spirits, talismans that keep you cozy and visible through out your daily journeys (and journeys through darkness as well). 

 pink mohair reflective vest


The MO-Vest has a delicious length to it. (Keeps your tush warm!) Mohair is a natural tech fabric that breathes and insulates even when wet. Wear it over a shirt, sweater or jacket, as you would a fur vest, inside and outside, zipped or open. The highly reflective trim, two deep mesh zip pockets and reflective triangles on the side keep the function (and fun!) in the fashion and you visible in the dark. Available in 3 Colors and 5 Sizes, XS-XL, in very limited quantities.

The MO-Scarf is a swath of glorious downy color with a supple structured reflective trim. Stand it high like a neck warmer or wrap it lower. Pair it with a MO-Vest or wear it on its own. It is MO-velous eye-candy (and the most haute of safety style). Available in 9 different colors, in very limited quantities of each color.

OH MO - you leave us struggling with the question- who gets which color, which one do I get- will there even be any left- it was a such a small production run- OH MO! 

Shop the Limited Edition MO Collection and Wow! someone special and/or treat yourself to something truly exceptional (that could also help save your life)! 

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