Introducing Brompton X Vespertine


We are thrilled to introduce the NYC Limited Edition Bike and the Brompton X Vespertine Collection, a collaboration between Vespertine NYC and Brompton Bicycle, the iconic British folding bike manufacturer. The collection includes a Limited Edition NYC Brompton Bike and Bag, both featuring an original reflective graphic designed by Vespertine founder/designer Sarah Canner, as well as a unisex reflective accessories collection that incorporates the same striking graphic into merino wool knitwear (scarf, hat, and headband Made in NY), and reflective shoelaces (Made in the USA).

The Haute Réflecture Scarf, Hat, Headband and Shoelaces are all available now exclusively on our online shop.

Each year, Brompton produces a Limited Edition City model. Inspired this year by the city that never sleeps, they invited Canner to customize the bike with her Haute Réflecture, NYC flare. The bike has a limited run of 1500 units and a focus on urban performance and visibility. In developing the project, Canner took striking and prolific elements of the city, such as the Manhattan Bridge, the Chrysler Building and the chevrons painted in cycle paths on the New York streets, and combined them into the semi-abstract design that forms the backbone of the brand’s Haute Réflecture collection. Canner sought to convey the intimacy and speed she feels riding her bike in the city, and the immense energy of the city itself. The dynamic, head-turning reflective graphic is on the bike, bag, scarf, hat, headband, and shoelace packaging.

Shop the Collection here.

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