Comfort & Joy - Bright Ideas for Holiday Gifts!

Comfort & Joy - Bright Ideas for Holiday Gifts!

Wow! We are so honored to be included in the 2021 BAM Magazine Gift Guide, offering bright ideas for your holiday gifts & year-end giving. 

Brown University is known for fostering creativity and innovation and in this case, the proof is in the pudding. This selection of alumni founded businesses and non-profits are all so inspiring! 

Brown university alumni magazine Holiday gift guide

Here are a few of our fashion and other favs:

Lago Wear - Chic Scrubs

Piedaho - Hand made pies- like The Salted Caramel Apple on the cover!

All Stitch Studio - Cork knitting tools and accessories

Airgami - Origami, N95 grade Face masks

 Velomino - Cozy Velour track suits

The Pockets Project - Linen dresses with deep pockets

Merry Farm Pottery - Natural pottery made on Martha's Vineyard

Sakonne Triver Company - Trays made from sustainable materials like recycled carbon fiber from boats

Get Mellows - Flavored marshmallow Cannibis edibles, available in two

THC levels 

Plus so many more great gift and giving ideas! Check them out and make the Holidays as easy as...

Brown alumni magazine cover easy as pie holiday gift guide


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