A Brighter Fashion Future: the UN Enviroment's #solvedifferent

A Brighter Fashion Future: the UN Enviroment's #solvedifferent

We are very proud to be featured in the UN Environment's #solvedifferent campaign for our innovative approach to tackling environmental issues by creating sustainable fashion that protects and empowers sustainable lifestyles- ie. for our rad Reflective Eco-Fashion Made in NYC to Make A Seen!  Check out the article, "Make a scene in the dark: a brighter fashion future," and video they published about our work here!

What is the #solvedifferent campaign? According to the UN Environment's Website, "For all the progress inspired by the Global Goals one barrier impedes them all: the choice we make in our everyday lives continues to fuel consumption and production habits that are increasingly extending beyond the limits of our plantet. Our #SolveDifferent campaign focuses on an informative and emotive approach to communicating the environmental cost of key consumption and production models." 

There are so many options for giving this holiday season- what a wonderful opportunity we have to #solvedifferent and chose gifts that are part of the solution to some of the planet's toughest problems!

Thank you so much for supporting reflective eco-fashion, Made in NYC.

Sarah & Vespertine


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