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Reflective KOIBITO Kimono

Reflective KOIBITO Kimono

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A heart hangs between a pair of lovers in a peaceful green field on the back of the KOIBITO (Sweethearts) Kimono. On the shoulder, rejoicing flowers sprout from a rich purple earth while purple vines climb up the side. Shining light on this lush world, a yellow sun bursts from the front panel. Stripes of 3M reflective yarn traverse the piece and awake to startling effect in a car’s headlights or the paparazzi’s flash.  Open the Kimono to find a striking reflective graphic label that shines just for you, supporter of the #fashionrevolution!

Our Limited-Edition, one-of-a-kind Reflective Merino Kimono Collection was created in support of the Zero Waste Movement. The Collection took root when we decided to rescue and re-purpose 17lbs of reflective merino wool scarves that our factory was planning to discard. Each Kimono has been carefully pieced together and assembled by expert tailor and designer, Yasmine Oezelli, the @travelingtailor. Following the Japanese traditions of Shashiko Stitching and Kintsugi, the talented artist Yasmine Dabbous, (founder/creator of the jewerly line, @kinshipstories ), has created original embroideries that fortify and beautify each kimono as needed. The embroidery celebrates the renewal and metamorphosis of the merino wool scarves into wearable works of art.

You will feel so good about and in the upcycled luxuriously soft KOIBITO Kimono. It is as unique as you are. The ultimate hygge wear for curling up next to the fire, it easily transitions into your favorite new Spring jacket. The KOIBITO Kimono comes with a reflective elastic tie belt.

Please reach out with questions or to learn more about this Zero Waste project and our other Eco Fashion Initiatives.

Made in NYC from 100% Merino Wool with 3M Reflective Stripes

Measurements when flat : approximately 44" in circumference, and 32" in length