CINCH BELT White Flash


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A subtle pattern of intertwining diamonds wraps around the extremely reflective ANSI approved material of the Cinch Belt. Great with jeans or belt one, two, or all three colors over a dress, sweater, parka, or trench and set your waist aglow. They're even highly reflective in the rain! Other features include a metal buckle, a 2" wide belt, and 7 holes with grommets. The Cinch is spectacular in White Flash, Citron, or Blue Max.

Made in NYC

Note: There are 7 holes that span the following size ranges:

Size Chart: S - 26" - 32" (66 - 81 cm) M - 31" - 37" (74 - 86 cm) L - 36" - 42" (91 - 107 cm)