shocking pink plaid mohair scarf with reflective trim shown reflecting and not reflecting in a GIF image stylish reflective safety gear wear hi vs high visibility be seen at night


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This lovely Pink Mohair MO Scarf takes hi vis reflective gear to the next level! Eye-catching during day light hours, it has a supple highly retro-reflective trim that provides 360˚ of excellent nighttime visibility.  A merger of high viz and high style, the MO Scarf makes a fabulous stylish and functional gift for cyclists, pedestrians, dog owners (walkers), fashionistas, or yourself!

Mohair comes from the Angora goat and is a natural tech fabric that breathes and insulates when wet. It is extremely lightweight and soft, yet also incredibly durable, with high luster producing brilliant long-lasting colors. Mohair has unique exceptional properties not found in any other animal fiber. 

Stand it high around the neck and chin to keep your face warm and protected, or wrap it however you fancy. This stylish, unisex Scarf is approximately 59 inches (150 CM) long and available in 9 colors: Turquoise, Silver Grey, Rainbow, Shocking Pink, Pink Plaid, Purple Plaid, Green Plaid, Yellow, White. Radiating joy, warmth, and well-being, the MO-Scarf is made in very small batch production with British Mohair and love in NYC's garment district. 

Pair the MO-Scarf with a MO-Vest or wear it on its own. It is MO-velous eye-candy and the ultimate Haute Réflecture!