yellow mohair scarf with reflective trim shown reflecting and not reflecting in a GIF image

MO-SCARF, Yellow

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The Yellow reflective MO-Scarf is made from the most luxuriously lush British Mohair in a fabulous yellow color with a supple reflective trim that lends a touch of structure and a wallop of safety style. Stand it high around the neck and chin when it's very cold or wrap it any way you fancy. Mohair is a natural tech fabric that breathes and insulates even when wet. This scarf is so soft and fluffy- it's irresistible. (And it makes a fabulous, unique and vital gift!)

Radiating joy, warmth, and well-being, the MO-Scarf is made in very small quantities with love in NYC's garment district. The unisex Scarf is approximately 150 CM long and available in 9 colors: Yellow, White, Turquoise, Silver Grey, Rainbow, Shocking Pink, Shocking Pink Plaid, Purple Plaid, Green Plaid.

Pair the MO-Scarf with a MO-Vest or wear it on its own. It is MO-velous eye-candy and the ultimate Haute Réflecture!