The Grid

Featured in the NY Times Style Section, our Haute Réflecture® Grid Collection by designer Sarah Canner, pays homage to the dusty black of asphalt, the cinnabar glow of stop lights and tail lights, the bright night windows that form the skylines of our dreams, to the grid. Like cities themselves, the Grid collection is a pastiche of traditional forms and modern innovations. Note the classic Shell, elegant Coat-Dress, and tailored Blouse, made from water-resistant, breathable fabric with 3M Scotchlite ultra reflective yarn seamlessly integrated into the window pane pattern. We come to the grid to work, relish the functional glamour of the sleeveless (who has time to roll up sleeves?) A-Line Dash dress, with an air vent for hot summer days, deep pockets, and a reflective button for returning home late. We come to the grid because we like to walk, throw on the Blazing Blazer and hit the sidewalk early. Grab coffee before the sun rises, savor a glass of wine with friends before walking home at night. Now more than ever, we love to bike the grid. "What do you want your clothes to do?" the NY Times Style Section asks. We believe fashion can save your life and be part of the solution.

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