Yes, Fashion can save your life. Featured in the NY Times Style Section, Vespertine NYC's Grid Collection II, by designer Sarah Canner, pays homage to the streets of New York, the dusty black of asphalt, the cinnabar glow of traffic lights and tail lights, the windows glowing in town houses and sky scrapers, to the grid. Like the city itself, this collection is a pastiche of classic forms, the elegant coat-dress, and high-tech innovations, ultra Reflective 3M Scotchlite woven seamlessly into a technical fabric. NYC is a city that works, note the functional glamour of a sleeveless A-Line dress (because who has time to roll up sleeves these days.) with a back vent for hot summer days and a reflective button for night time shine. It's a city that walks, throw on the Blazing Blazer and hit the sidewalk. And now more than ever, a city that bikes. "What do you want your clothes to do?" the NY Times Style Section asks. We design ours to save your life.

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