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Reflective YASU Kimono

Reflective YASU Kimono

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Meet our latest labor of love, the Limited-Edition Reflective YASU Kimono. Each one has been pieced together from reflective merino wool scarves with the skills of expert tailor and designer, Yasmine Oezelli of @travelingtailor. In creating these pieces, we upcycled 17lbs of materials that the factory planned to discard. Following the Japanese traditions of Shashiko Stitching and Kintsugi, talented artist Yasmine Dabbous of @kinshipstories has created original embroideries that fortify and beautify each kimono as needed. The embroidery celebrates the renewal and metamorphosis of these merino wool materials, and their transformation into wearable works of art. Open the Kimono to find a striking reflective graphic label that shines just for you, supporter of the #fashionrevolution!

You will feel so good about and in the luxuriously soft YASU kimono. Each one is as unique as you are and the ultimate hygge wear. Get cozy and let it snow!

The embroidery pictured here is on the front and back of this one particular kimono. We will be posting pics of the other embroidered Kimonos very soon. There are a few Kimonos with no embroidery. Please reach out with questions or to learn more about this project.

Measurements of pictured Kimono: 43" Wide, 31" Long