A unique alchemy of safety wear and high design, Haute Réflecture by VESPERTINE shines from road to runway. 


Designer Sarah Canner founded the collection to inspire, empower, and protect bikers on their daily journeys. Re-imagining Safety Wear as ‘clothes you want to wear,’ she combined exquisite tailoring with the traditional safety elements of Bright Colors and Reflective Materials. The result: award-winning designs that stop traffic.


Being seen is the best way to be safe on the road. We use only the most powerful reflective materials that surpass ANSI and EN 471 regulations. In lay terms, that means cars’ headlights will illuminate you from 2,000 feet, or 0.38 of a mile- a crucial revelation at any speed.


Passionate about design and the planet, all of our collections are made in NYC using sustainable and earth-friendly fabrics, like Eco Circle™ 100% recycled polyester, as well as luxury fabrics sourced from artisanal European mills and beyond. 


Envisioning urban landscapes illuminated by eye-catching, traffic-stopping duds, we’re convinced that safe is chic and cycling is a revolutionary act which sets good karma spinning.


Be Bold. Be Seen.